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Here you find the bestenm Hay Day tips and tricks, which you in the games ahead come faster app for Android and iOS. And we also have strategies here, so you can move more quickly to money or coins. And finally there is a WOrd about cheats.

The Games app Hay Day hack is very popular for Android, iPhone and iPad. No wonder, because games around agriculture and farming are always been one of the most popular genre, as you can see on the basis of Farmerama and Farmville. With Hay Day is now an offshoot for iPhone and iPad. This can be downloaded free from the iTunes App Store.Moreover, Hay Day also released for Android .

So In Hay Day you must planting, build stables and more. Ultimately, it is then to sell them again on the market. One has to expand his country course constantly to build more barns and fields.

Hay Day comes from developer Supercell and can be played for free. Who wants to then move ahead more quickly, of course, has to make in app purchases. With our tips and tricks we want to help ensure that you advance faster in Hay Day. Besides, we also say something about cheats in Hay Day.

Hay Day Tips and Tricks

Below we have numerous Hay Day tips and tricks for you. We are constantly expanding the whole to more tips and tricks to Hay Day. So you simply logs in the comments if you have other ideas. Here a shorter overview of the Hay Day tips in this article:

General information about the game

A very important tip in Hay Day is the trade with other players.Only with coins you come in Hay Day continue to create eg. Building or buying plants. Again, there are the premium currency called diamonds. These can be accelerated in Hay Day production processes. However, we recommend not spending here diamonds because you this short term only brings something. rather Collect the diamonds and buys you later Items for expansion of storage (see next tip), which will bring you more long-term and not short term.

If you namely accelerating the time you have in a very short time the problem that your silo storage or barn stock is volume and anyway make her as a strategic pause need or on your stand, the products have to get rid of.

Expansion of Barn warehouse and silo sites in Hay Day

Furthermore, you should always keep an eye out for rare items like Phillips screws, bolts and tape, as these are limited in Hay Day. This you get always randomly while harvesting or during production. However Items dive some more frequently. It is recommended if your barn or silo is too full, sometimes to use the premium currency of Hay Day and so expand your camp. We recommend that you only make if more than 1 item is missing. For the next stage requires her the same items, even more. Therefore, the material is what you should have on, not lost, because this is required in the next stage.

In the newspaper advertise and Items

From level 7 you also is the newspaper available, which should use their necessarily because these interesting offers includes and also her here can post offers. It should be said that you can iserieren every 3 hours for free. This has the advantage that ew listing appears in the newspaper, and so finds buyers.

We have found out that you get sold each of the products, even if the price is at maximum. Therefore, we always recommend to ask for the maximum price. In addition, it is advantageous when you have advertised in the newspaper, other products still for sale. So can people selbnst if your main supply is gone, buy more products from you. So it makes more profit.

We will soon published a guide who again detailed tips and tricks are you as you come in more coins / Gold.This can be found here: more coins in the street selling Hay Day !

Friends in Hay Day

Important in Hay Day also are friends. Only with this can save some things and they can always visit your roadside stand. Thus, for example. Trees and plants received (by three times at harvest apple trees). Only friends can now restore these. Anons only helps the demolition. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find other players. For this you can eg. To use our Forum .

Otherwise you can watch the people who visit insereren in the newspaper. Only so ye can ever buy the products. It should be said that you can add them as friends now this. So you can stop by again in these individuals, whether they are selling something.

The port and the mine in Hay Day

If you lanbg few days Hay Day plays so gradually come not only new plants and seeds added, but it is also the port and the mine unlocked. The port costs in Hay Day 16,000 coins, is not exactly cheap. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to save the port money. So it went on to win vouchers with which you can buy yourself pets like dogs and cats.

The same goes for the mine, which will cost more again, but then steadily brings revenue.

Orders of persons and of the Wall

If you look to your main house, so you can find including orders and from time to time people who want to buy something from you. Even if the bids are sometimes not as good, you should take seriously these orders from customers and for the van. This brings you namely little later successes. So you can click on your main home and see how many orders have already made it. Is there an appropriate number added, there are not only experience, but also premium currency in Hay Day.

The advantage of orders at the Wall of Hay Day is that it still gets her experience. You should have your Production thus align it so that you can deliver the orders. Should orders be in how to deliver 50 wheat, so can you enzelne orders also throw in the trash if the cost-benefit ratio is too bad.

The best strategies for more coins in Hay Day

Let. Now too Stragien for more coins in Hay Day Firstly, you can use the street sale in order to obtain higher profits. It is worth the highest possible prices to demand (see our Hay Day advice about street vendors ).

Furthermore, you should keep your products always processed in order to achieve higher selling prices.Although you can also those selling wait with you on the road, but usually it is worth only offer higher-priced products and to sell.

More questions, tips and tricks?

If you still know more tips and tricks to Hay Day, so please get in touch in the comments. We are populating this then up here. If you have problems or questions about the game, you can sign up as well.

Hay Day Cheats

Of course, also very popular with Hay Day cheats. Nevertheless, we do not recommend this. Reason is that you shall not use cheats, but which you shall make in app purchases of Hay Day. Accordingly, it may be that when you are caught cheating in Hay Day that your account will be locked.

Has nevertheless there are of course some videos about cheats in Hay Day. We point out that you use at your own risk. Here you will find eg. A video.

A word about the update from 04.15.2013

For Hay Day there was a major update on 15.4.203. The main changes we want to introduce yourself. So you visited postman Alfred regularly from level 15th So you say that those who have helped on your farm. Some acknowledgments contain this gift, which friends in Hay Day to be even more important.

The boat orders have been improved. So it was difficult to supply products from the sugar mill. This falls now easier. Even delivery boy Tom received an update in Hay Day. This may from time to time an air holding balloon which includes a special offer.

Many players report, however, that since the update Hay Day keeps crashing. Apparently there is thus still problems.

Our conclusion for Games App

Overall Hay Day makes of course a lot of fun, because the tasks are varied and it is not a poor imitation of Farmville, but a nice programming. Moreover, Hay Day is free of charge, so you can watch it for Android, iPhone and iPad times.

Otherwise you need a continuous Internet connection for Hay Day. But even with there may be from and that the server does not respond or the connection is lost to the server. Then you should simply try it again later.We hope that you continue to bring these tips and tricks in Hay Day.


boom beach tips and tricks

Supercell has dominance over the market for mobile games, thanks to the exciting titles like Clash of Clans and Hay Day . They have developed another fantastic game for Smartphone , an entertaining strategy game called Boom Beach .

Boom Beach is a fairly complex game where you have to build your own military bases, defend from enemy raids, attacking the camps of other players, and explore the different islands of the map. With such a deep game, others would not receive some help and some tips so you can improve the game experience Boom Beach. That is why, you share some tips and tricks for Boom Beach .

1. Aspects  Basic  Of Battle

The main thing you need to do is to manage your troops and win battles, good tactics, is the defense 😉

• The destruction of the headquarters of your enemy, is what you can ensure victory in the game. You must focus all your attack troops into this building. The destruction of other buildings is necessary only when these stand in your way to victory.

• Through the use of scout button , you can get to see the layout of the battlefield and attack radius defensive turrets and cannons of your enemy.

2. Protect Your Resources Invests In Gold And Boats Resources

The players Boom Beach , they must invest in a vault and boats or gold resources in order to maintain the security of its resources. If your enemies manage to overcome your defense, forget about your resources. To prevent this from happening, invests in a vault. By achieving this, you can keep your gold and wood protected. The dome has damage over time, so must strengthen it whenever you can. Then we have boats gold and resources. You can store these with supplies, which will not be under attack.

3. Know Your Troops!

Know the characteristics and abilities of your army, will give you a great advantage when designing your strategy. Theheavy troops are good to absorb damage, but does as much damage as you might expect. Still, it is worth putting in the first line of the infantry because they can draw enemy fire and let the other troops perform other work.

Rifles are good to stun your enemy. Generate a large number of them and your enemy will slow progress. Zookas deliver the most damage in the game. Perfect of them allied troops are so heavy that protects them and let them continue to live.

A very interesting strategy is to have a number of riflemen, a pair of Zookas and one or two Heavies, with this you will have more to secure the victory of a call. The tanks provide a great attack, but beware: tanks receive additional damage from guns, cannons and mines boom boom.

4. Know Your Defense

There is no use if you have a good squad attack if you have a strong defense. When you attack, you know it’s worth the buildings and necessary to keep up your headquarters arms.

The quills do a lot of damage, but its recovery or recharge times are quite long. Have one or two of these in the battlefield, but placing mines boom and normal mines in proximity to them in order to protect them from the advancing troops. The Guns do great damage to a single target, so it pays off greatly when you put them in the direction of advance Heavies and armored enemies.

Flamethrowers are big guns at close range that are good to kill large groups of infantry . Machine Gun also performs the same work as the flamethrower while also dealing great damage midrange. Mortars and rocket launchers do a lot of damage to long – range threats. They can take forever to load, but very useful when it comes to destroy incoming tanks, and armored enemy Heavies.

5. Empty Clouds And Get More Opportunities To Make Inroads

Surely you did not know the clouds are hiding certain objects you can gather 😉 Buildings excel you see clouds on the map screen are the bases with vital resources. These provide a constant flow of material. Discover hiding the clouds before initiating any strategy.

Boom Beach Hack

As a last resort, and not least, you share a tool with which you will greatly advance in the game. With the Boom Beach Hack, you can add unlimited diamonds to the game, which only must focus on making the most appropriate strategy to advance and win the game.

one piece treasure cruise hack

One Piece Treasure Cruise has appeared in new Store of Apple and can be downloaded for free for iPhones and iPads there. Publisher Namco Bandai called his game as a fighting game and thus meets chalk and cheese. In One Piece Treasure Cruise, it is solely for the beating of opponents, which has been, however, visually beautiful staged. The story is quite amusing, but thin as the famous plank of Peter Pan.

An incredible treasure is gone and scattered winds in all men. Already clear and as I said, the story is secondary. In the battles a lot of tact is needed because particularly effective attacks with combinations can be performed. but given you have to at the right time click on the screen. After a few minutes this works quite well, and You will be surprised how much bang have the figures.

One Piece Treasure Cruise starts with more pop music and bright colors. The story is only a brief guide: It is probably, as already mentioned, to a mysterious treasure that is to be distributed around the world. Then the installation of additional game content, which takes a few seconds to follow.

You can see this awesome : one piece treasure cruise hack to get unlimited gems and gold for this game.

After that the actual game starts in a small port begins. A pirate ship is at anchor, while the crew has a lot of fun on land. Drunken Pirates like provide armed, no wonder that it comes rather quickly to the first fight. In this you learn the operation of the game to know.

You control a team of three characters, the computer opponent has two or more characters and bosses available. With special attacks you can inflict damage to opponents. The tutorial explains you precisely what types of special attacks there. After two test fights then is the first boss in front of you. This boss you just quickly, then it is to collect a profile. The important and should always walk in your possession.

Each won the fight and each defeated boss makes the game characters stronger. New characters, there are also regular, as the bandits to our products picture shows. So the game takes its course.The story is indeed confusing, but that’s given the struggles do not care. The bring fun, and that’s what matters. In summary, the game really only from the task of making your team better. For this I need you fight through endless struggles, and that brings halt mood.

Conclusion and Download

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a fun fighting game without a draft. That does not matter, because the game brings a lot of fun. We strongly recommend that you download from the App Store like Apple-loving.


Cheats, tips and tricks are welcome as always. Do you know cheats and tips for One Piece Treasure Cruise? Then divides in the comments below the article. Other players are pleased and will return the favor.

agario tips and tricks

We tell you a few tricks that you devour in Agar.io lighter other players attacks better escapes and how you are changing your skin.


Hunter and hunted. That’s the motto that determined in Agario mass hack the gameplay. As initially small cell paves its you in the browser and Mobile Game, a route through the checkered pitch to incorporate you the cells of other players.

But that is not always easy, because you have to get a small ball assert once and grow into a bigger one. The easiest way is, if you do in Agar.io initially focused on eating as many colorful dots as possible. This does not mean other players, but the small confetti residues littering distributed everywhere. If you run over some of them, you will slowly larger. If you giant cells come in your hunt for colored dots in the way, trying to scurry beyond you, you should use and hide you among them the neon green, jagged fields.There, the big do not come back and you are temporarily in safety. You should however be careful, because if you are too big and still trying to crawl under the curve, burst your ball into many small parts and thus provides an even bigger target for enemies. In addition, you should set you in Agar.io off speedy when another cell on the way to your hideout is, because even if you are hiding among them, you more balls can still swallow if they even fit underneath.

The larger your cell is, the slower it travels. This does not mean immediately that their other players fall victim to faster, but you get away with increasing size smaller balls much more often. To prevent this, you can in Agar.io example the key “W” use. If you find yourself just behind another cell, it presses the button and you shoot little pieces out of you, moving at a breakneck speed in the direction of your sacrifices and if you have any luck catching, immediately. In addition, you can use in the game, the spacebar to divide you. However, it only causes you divide you into two equal balls while “W” ensures that only a small portion is separated from you. If you repeatedly press the key, shrink your ball more and the number of small increases. Thus you are in Agar.io much faster on the road, can of approaching enemies but also easily be eaten, and you no longer so easy to hide under the neon green fields. At least not with the entire troop.


The wildly proliferating cells in Agario hack without any survey are unstoppable. Who runs of you again this strange dog or an alien head on the road, wondering determines how the player has hinbekommen behind the cell that. The answer is simple banal. As you typing the correct player names, you’re missing your voracious cells a special look.

At irregular intervals, new skins for Agar.io. appear This also means, be that with time deleted or replaced some older Erscheinungsbildchen. We have compiled some of the popular usernames for you. Please note that the team mode of Agar.io the costume event does not work. Here is the entire crew is dressed in the same color. Otherwise the fun would also arg confusing.

Now it is, show the flag!

Most players make Agar.io of country names use and decorate their cell with the national flag of a particular State. Not infrequently thereby unintentionally comical situations, such as when chasing the US Russia and vice versa, or, for example, still third, as to interfere with Iran. The following flags are you in Agar.io to choose from:

Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, European Union, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldivas, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, North Korea, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland , Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA.

agario flags

We write here consciously English names because the German translations would not function as the user name.

The eternal struggle gets a face

As you can see, the game of skill Agar.io offers great way to enact political infighting or simulate. In addition to selected symbols and flags are you in Agar now some politicians to choose from. As an angry-faced Tsipras, a victory safer Putin, a permeable Obama would initially (mind you still with black hair) and an extremely anxious acting Hollande.In addition, Merkel is one of the party, the Brazilian President Dilma and even the rulers of North Korea Kim Jong-Un. These protagonists you have the opportunity to further personalize the cells and to put a great political theater on the screen.

Past conflicts flare up again

Also, you can in the office of a ruler Agar.io attire and your own empire multiply by their foreign cells eradicated by the court. Alliances like in many other games here can be, however, not so easy close. Dominating here is clearly the seizure-or-ate-be mentality.Decide for yourself whether their loss piles under the banner of the Eastern Roman Empire to the other cells by their Byzantium typing in the name field! Other candidates who had their heyday in the past are French Kingdom, German Empire, Imperial Japan, Prussia, Quing Dynasty, Tsarist Russia, USSR.

agario faces

The usual suspects

Then there is of course the usual in Agar.io Skins, probably much more common to run you through the path as flags. These include Bait, ayy lmao, cia, Doge, Earth, Face Punch, IRS, Mars, Moon, NASA, Poker Face, Reddit, Sanik, Satanist, Sir, Steam, Vinesauce, Wojak and Yaranaika.

Boom-Beach how to defend hammerman

You thought that by attacking and destroying everything completely to Lieutenant Hammerman would succeed away with his. Well , you were wrong and that since May 2015 Update Boom Beach , our eternal enemy will render vengeance to power Counter – attacks against our base .

Defend ourselves always be our top priority as the army has Lieutenant Hammerman , it is very powerful and numerous, so stay and plan your best strategy. In this event our enemy Hammerman attack our base and to start the event only you need to click on the gunship that is near your base icon in the archipelago.You need to click on and ready to defend, prepare for battle  Boom Beach .

Information you should know:

Once u click on the gunboat, all information on the event will be presented:

Hammerman appears home six days.
• The number of attempts to defend our base. ( You have three attempts at the event.)
• prototype modules ganaras.
• Troops Lieutenant Hammerman used during the invasion.
• The bonus of Statues.

When the defense begins, you’ll see how Hammerman attack your base. If you can successfully defend your base, you managed to win the prize and if Hammerman destroy your base will not lose much less resources victory points. Also , if you still have attempts you may get lucky and this time you achieve defend yourself.This event Boom Beach  has a duration of 21 hours, so be sure to use all three attempts.

It’s time to defend ourselves from Hammerman in Boom Beach

The Hammerman Lieutenant send four waves of 8 landing craft full of troops and the difficulty of the attack depends on your point of Victoria . If your VPs are high, enemy troops will have top – level bonuses statues. But do not worry because the types of troops and the order in which landed on the beach will be the same for all during the event. Only the number of troops, troop levels, and bonuses Statue vary among players.

Boom-Beach how to defend hammerman..

Additional Information:

  • Hammerman does not use weapons of your gunship .
  • You will receive more Prototype modules if your VPs are high.
  • To win, you must defeat all the soldiers who Hammerman deployment or keep your base safe until time runs out.

Tips to Defend the Lieutenant Hammerman

  • Since Hammerman can not use Gunship , you will not have to worry about your buildings are separated, in fact it is better to have your buildings together as possible so they can repel enemy troops.
  • Locates defenses as rocket launcher or long – range stunners behind all your buildings , it will be the best against large groups of enemies.
  • Locates short – range defenses as flamethrower in the front , so all your defenses will shoot all the troops at once.
  • Organize your base so that your headquarters remain located behind , this will serve to enemy troops have to go through your buildings rhodes before attacking.
  • If you are defeated by Lieutenant Hammerman, it is advisable to see the replay to learn from your mistakes and reorganices your defenses .
  • Locate your mines on the front , near the beach so that they can eliminate much of the enemy ‘stroops when they landed.

This would be all, it is now your duty to organize is the best defense against Lieutenant Hammerman . We leave the video where we got most of the information and where you can see TheAlvaro845  putting this into practice.

Defending and attacking Hammerman



How to Tether Your iPhone – iPhone Tethering

Piano Tiles 2 hack is the sequel to the hugely popular game Piano Tiles (Don’t Tap the White Tile). New gameplay, first-class sound quality and a global competition mode give your fingers a fast paced thrill with the elegance of piano playing!

What’s new in Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap The White Tile 2) :
◈ Brand-new gameplay
◈ Compete with players around the world
◈ New color scheme, multicolor instead of black and white
◈ Great new music, feel the pleasure of a professional pianist
◈ Share your piano performance with your loved ones

Application Name: Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap The White Tile 2)
Current Version: 1.0.1
Updated: Sep 01, 2015
Size: 35.2 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

Best Chart Rankings

#1 in Puzzle Games (iPhone) on May 29, 2014
#1 in Puzzle Games (iPad) on May 29, 2014
#1 in Music Games (iPhone) on Dec 30, 2014
#1 in Music Games (iPad) on Dec 30, 2014
#1 in Kids Games (iPhone) on May 5, 2014
#3 in Kids Games (iPad) on May 27, 2014
#1 in Arcade Games (iPhone) on Jun 29, 2014
#1 in Arcade Games (iPad) on May 29, 2014
#2 in Action Games (iPhone) on Jun 27, 2014
#2 in Action Games (iPad) on Jun 18, 2014
#1 in Top Games (iPhone) on May 5, 2014
#2 in Top Games (iPad) on May 2, 2014
#1 in Top Apps (iPhone) on May 5, 2014
#3 in Top Apps (iPad) on May 27, 2014

#29 in Arcade Games (iPhone) on Aug 26, 2015
#48 in Arcade Games (iPad) on Aug 25, 2015
#81 in Top Games (iPhone) on Aug 25, 2015
#199 in Top Games (iPad) on Aug 25, 2015

App Activity
Version 1.0.1 – Sep 01 ’15
$.99 -> Free – Aug 22 ’15
New App: $.99, v1.0.0 – Aug 19 ’15

Watch your step, DON’T TOUCH ON ANY WHITE TILES! This is the core rule of this addictive game. Sounds easy? Give it a try, and see how well you stack up against your friends.

piano tiles 2c


  1. Download the game save backup at Download files and extract it.
  2. Delete and reinstall the app.
  3. Don’t open the app.
  4. Put the documents folder in the 「Piano Tiles/Library/Preferences/」 using (iFile, DiskAid, iFunBox…) or other apps.
  5. It will ask you to replace the old documents folder, do so.
  6. Launch the game and don’t load save from iCloud.


Clash Royale since its release in February brings thousands Android devices and iPhones glow. To improve your deck and to get new cards, you need to Clash Royale open chests. In these treasure chests up bonuses and rewards hide.  Furthermore, you get the chests in windfall also free Jewels. Above all, one should, however, open chests to get new cards. But how do you get the treasure chests? And how likely is to pick one of the legendary maps from the chests?

Clash Royale chests: order and content

In the chests you can find various rewards, especially gold, jewels, and new maps. determines the type of chest both the items contained therein, as well as the time until a new chest can be opened.The chests there for free after the fighting. If the waiting time until the contents of a chest is available, you can speed up the opening by the use of jewels. However, those who want to spend a real money for jewels, should save the rare currency for other more important purposes.

The probability that you get Truhenart, falls thereby, the more valuable is a treasure trove. A super magic chest there are about less often dust off, than a traditional wooden chest. The chance to get a rare chest rises with their own arena level. The higher the arena level, the more cards are available per chest. A special cycle or a particular sequence for unlocking the chests there is not.

Clash Royale chests get: One should note

Do you want free chests obtained in Clash Royale, it is recommended that at the beginning of the game, the tutorial to play thoroughly. While experienced players can not learn a lot here, but there is in the course of duties free Holztruhen.Following the introduction of more treasure chests can be unlocked through to super magic chest. can you Get the chests in Clash Royale by victories in battle. The giant, magic and super magic chests can also buy through jewels. An exception is the crown chest here. These are available only after 10 crowns were earned in PvP battles. The crown there is a destroyed, enemy turret. Pro Match three crowns can thus be collected. The number of cards contained is higher than in a free-chest in a crown chest. In addition, may be hiding here Jewels.

A maximum of four chests can be stored, without opening it. All numbers are assigned, you can not receive any new chests. Before the start of a battle, therefore, should be a chest space will be freed.However, it can always be opened a treasure chest.

After following system receive their rewards from the chests in Clash Royale:

Truhenart time Receiving by
Holztruhe No (15 sec. In the tutorial) Free, with victories in the tutorial
Krone chest No 10 crowns, all available 24 hours
silver chest 3 hours Victory in battle
gold chest 8 hours Victory in battle
Giant chest 12 hours or purchase in shop Win or purchase for 210 jewels
magic chest 12 hours or purchase in shop Win or purchase for 320 jewels
Super Magic Chest 24 hours or purchase in shop Win or buy for 1600 Jewels

clash royale decks

There is free jewels only in the Free and crown chests, but not in the silver, magic and gold boxes.With us you will find many more tips for your Clash Royale deck . Use Our Clash Royale Hack No Survey .

It’s official, the Blu-ray version of Batman vs Superman will be much longer and populated with new images, and even new characters. Zack Snyder gives us some clues.

batman vs superman watch online

Batman vs Superman is not even out yet cinema fans have already turned to its release on Blu-ray / DVD. For the Blu-ray version, besides being classified R-rated (no one under 17 unaccompanied by an adult) as Deadpool , contain especially an extended version with a host of new images, and therefore can not want fans to be greedy and have therefore already looking forward to it. But what scenes will be part of this long version? Violent scenes already too hard to be shown to the public. But also scenes of Jena Malone ! Because yes, apparently, Jena Malone, which was announced in a role secret for now, was cut from the film version of Batman vs Superman . In his remarks, the Director Zack Snyder has denied rumors about his character. Many thought Robin or Batgirl , but it will not.“I think we should keep that private, but it’s nothing what was discussed. It is definitely not Robin or Batgirl. I am happy to say, “ said Zack Snyder to Entertainment Weekly.

And Jena Malone will not be the only one to be visible only in the long version of the Blu-ray.We can also count on Ahman Green, the back of the Green Bay Packers football team, or CT Fletcher, Zack Snyder described as a “guru bodybuilders Compton” and a “great guy” . The director also tease us lots of Easter Eggs “that will be fun for everyone” . And one of them will apparently be “giant” , and will be about what happens in the big universe Justice League. One would expect to be rather in the film version, but Zack Snyder found that the duration of the film was too long . “We do not do a film 3h. Even if I wanted to make a movie of 3 hours. I made ​​the cuts probably hard way anyone. I felt it was manageable at 2:30. Do not forget that the money is super long. So the film is closer to 2:22. “ So we bet the Blu-ray will be more successful than the film version of? What do you think?

 Watch Online Batman vs superman free

simcity buildit cheat

SimCity_BuildIt_iconIn this article you can find some tips and tricks for the new SimCity BuildIt for Android and iOS. A few weeks ago, Electronic Arts has released a new game on the market and it is nothing less than a SimCity game for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Even if there were already a few games with a city simulation for both platforms, the well-known name SimCity was not yet to be found.Thus one can now apart from The Sims Free Play larger dimensions to plan and build. As usual, expect not only great graphics but also many responsibilities, building, construction options and much more in SimCity BuildIt. Since the game is quite extensive and even should bring some fun for a long time, we have grouped under the following paragraphs a few tips for the game. Furthermore, we also go back briefly on the question of a common SimCity BuildIt cheat and show you how you can earn more gold keys in the game and as you can at the same time come to more Simoleons. The game SimCity BuildIt is the way for free download in the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices available, a test is worthwhile in any case, as much as you can ever anticipate.

SimCity BuildIt tips and tricks to get you started

Under the following paragraphs we have you summarized a number of SimCity BuildIt tips and tricks for getting started, which are you quite well to help with security just as a freshman. We go here, inter alia, on some tips to start the game for the first level and below, we show you how you can get more Simoleons, how to expand its residential areas and which material you require and general to the raw materials and water, stream and the waste water. We will extend this article with SimCity BuildIt advice in the course of time every now and then and take you further advice on the comment section of this page on.

Tips for the start of the game and the city building

Especially at the beginning it is not easy to plan in spite of the tutorial at the beginning, how, then, wants to build the city. On the one hand it is necessary to build a thriving economy and to other citizens want to be as close to the shops and suppliers, but without being disturbed by the factories and their exhaust gases and dirt. After you have built the first road, it can even go in principle and you can not just put up a house, but already build at the same time the first factories. Especially in the beginning you should be careful here already that you build the factories as far away from the houses, so that citizens will not be disturbed by the exhaust gases and other contaminants. So you can for example do that, the one builds the houses up and down the factories again.

As a second advice play Setting in SimCity BuildIt we can give just any player to take advantage of the space on the card well and not to waste too much space. In the beginning you may certainly still have a lot of space in the city and enough selection at the plots, but this is getting smaller with time and later annoys you, has that built the building so far apart and thus given away valuable space.

Residential areas extend in Sim City Build It

Sooner or later, you come across the problem that simply needs more space in the city and therefore wants to expand its residential areas. But when this is possible and is not always immediately? The residential areas can only expand when about a helmet can be seen. Then you can on a green hook detect whether additional materials for the expansion are necessary. If here already a green checkmark visible, no further materials for the expansion of the residential area in SimCity BuildIt necessary. If you have not yet combined the materials, you should look at exactly what everything is still necessary, and then get started.

The materials we usually gets directly from the factories or at the simple commercial buildings in the city.Although it may initially look quite expensive, it is worthwhile in any case, to extend the residential areas, not only because of the unique rewards, but around the city to make generally larger and thus increase the revenue.

Get more city-successes and SimCash in SimCity BuildIt

Away from the normal Simoleons, to which we have summarized below some tips, there is also still the SimCash. This is the premium currency, recognizable by the green certificates, which is known to be very useful and valuable. We have already found some way to earn free SimCash in SimCity BuildIt and that goes beyond the so-called city-success in the mayoral mansion. Here you get a certain number of Sims in the City, a reward for certain milestones, such examples. These rewards at the city-successes are usually easy SimCash what each player can certainly very good use.

SimCity BuildIt Simoleons or Money

Let. To another important thing in SimCity BuildIt and that is the question of how you can earn a lot of money as quickly possible and Simoleons in the game in Simoleons is off the golden key and the premium currency in the form of the Simcash to the normal in-game currency that you actually needed for almost everything and is therefore important if one wants to expand and enlarge his city as quickly as possible , Earning us the currently known ways to more Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt, we have summarized in the following list.

  • Advanced models residential buildings and collect thereby more Simoleons.
  • Increase the taxes in the city hall of SimCity BuildIt.
  • Sale products made by citizens about the offers
  • Sell ​​your goods in trade Depot

Do you still have more tips for the app?

As we already wrote above extend this page regularly with other tips for SimCity BuildIt. You are welcome to even more tips and tricks for the game on the comment section of this page to send us that we are of course happy and record here. Write us your useful advice, whether beginners or advanced. Of course you can also publish questions or other things to the app.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats – there is something?

Frequently appears repeatedly asked whether we know functioning SimCity BuildIt cheats or other tricks to get a lot more SimCash or even golden key. As with any free-to-play app, there is again no classical Cheats for SimCity BuildIt how it might know of one or other computer game. Precisely because of the premium currency for real money, it will of course be no special codes, cheats or even any hacks with which one infinite Simoleons or SimCash can ercheaten itself. This would not only risk his account, but also make their own game broken, let alone that there is at all a cheat for the app for Android or iOS or iPhone. Therefore, one should not waste his time with the search for an alleged SimCity BuildIt cheat because there is simply no.

Furthermore, we can warn the internet that a recommend an alleged cheats or hack for SimCity BuildIt or link only against dubious pages. Not infrequently, these tools do not work, but rather contain any harmful goods, which then contaminate own computer or smartphone. Therefore, stay away and prefer to invest the time directly into the game.

clash of clans town hall 11 leaked

When coming out the next Clash of Clans Update and there is already a release date? The strategy app called CoC from the house Supercell still enjoys great popularity and can still hold on the top spot of the most popular game apps, despite what is now very strong competition.After we have received numerous innovations through new updates in Clash of Clans almost a year ago, such as the clan wars or new units, the last months were quite quiet. Although you can now much easier to change his name in Clash of Clans, but the City Hall level 11 can not yet coming. One reason why more and more players ask the question when comes out the next Clash of Clans-update?

Within the framework of which took place on 24 October ClashCon Supercell talked a bit about the plans. This is a next CoC update that is already virtually certain, but only when and what is there for innovations? Among the innovations are the next patch so some things are. Thus, players will be able to look forward 11 among other things, a town hall level and also with the defenses some things are planned. Also a new hero was announced a release but there is not.

Town Hall Level 11 in the next update

Another town hall-Level can be long in coming. But with the next patch it should finally be ready at the same time the field of your base is increased. From then each player should have a base with 44×44 fields available. This enables completely new strategy and attack tactics, which certainly is a very exciting thing.

New buildings and defenses

Also to be represented in the form of defenses in the next Clash of Clans Update new building. Again, there is still no precise information, but it is probably true that the new defense can cover the whole base. Presumably, it is compared with the mortars, according Supercell is the weapon but can be activated to start after a certain number of troops.

New hero in CoC

The new and as yet unknown hero is just under 6 million elixir not cheap, but will probably be to use against the new defenses in the next update for Clash of Clans very. Unfortunately, there are images other information about the new hero. Once we know more, we will add it here.

Clash of Clans Next update: When and there is a release date?

Even if you have put in the context of ClashCon an update in view and already mentioned some details, can be attributed to the question of when the next Clash of Clans update comes and if it comes in November or December 2015 or rather 2016 can be not yet say. If you have already found more information about a possible release date, write it always like in the comments.

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